Gendered Neurocultures
Feminist and Queer Perspectives on Current Brain Discourses

Brain research is a key to the question of what constitutes the human. With its methods of brain imaging—and thus the apparent ability to “see” into the “living brain at work”—human behavior seems to be explainable and predictable. This anthology presents differentiated analyses of scientific knowledge production concerned with sex/gender and the brain. It gives insight into the gendered norms that frame current neurocultures and explores the transformation as well as the perpetuation of these norms.
Included in this compilation are reflections on the development of feminist and queer neuroscientific research as well as perspectives for gender-sensitive neuro-pedagogy, which account for the alterability and interdependencies of brains, behaviors, societal experiences, and cultural norms. Readers will receive substantial knowledge of concepts, methodologies, and the quality of references to brain research in popular media as well as the implications of current neurocultural discourses for a gendered social order.

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404 Seiten, softcover
ISBN: 978-3-902902-12-2


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