Stories of a Fabulous Queer Femme in Action

Denice Bourbon, No. 1 diva of Vienna’s queer avant-garde and notoriously trash-mouthed columnist, tells it all. Yes. – It! All!
From her lesbian awakening, through her years of radical feminist activism, to her current career as a burlesque artist, her stories are as crazy as they are hilarious. Fortunately she can provide plenty of proof, which will stop everyone wondering whether she has in fact just made everything up.
Well, she hasn’t.
Cheers! is a witty, self-deprecating memoir of true-to-life observations about sex, politics, and (non-)stardom.
This is as fabulous as it gets, darlings!

  • englisch
366 Seiten, Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-902902-07-8

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